MANITOU has been a manufacturer of aerial work platforms for more than 15 years, and over the years has become one of the key players in the market.

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Electric aerial platforms

With MANITOU, the size of the range allows you to choose the platform that best meets your needs, whether it is an articulated boom lift, a vertical mast or a scissor system. Choosing an electric boom lift is a promise to reduce your indirect costs associated with your investment. A powerful, robust and cost-optimized machine.

And also this: your AWP has something extra. Thanks to connectivity, you can track its position in real time and optimize the operational monitoring of your equipment.

Diesel aerial platforms

Our diesel boom lift will meet all your needs when working outdoors on irregular, sloping and packed surfaces. The terrain capabilities of our aerial work platforms are ideal for working on uneven surfaces. Hydraulic engine speed management reduces noise levels and fuel consumption.

As with all internal combustion engine aerial work platforms, the 4 powered wheels and 3 control modes make this aerial work platform easier to move and set up in crowded or tight work areas. The design of the control console provides the operator with good visibility, allowing them to quickly move to the desired location and get right to work.





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