The MANITOU lift trucks provide adapted solutions to all your logistics needs.


Since the early 1970s, MANITOU has developed its presence in the industrial applications sector thanks to industrial and semi-industrial vehicles.

This product range was subsequently considerably expanded with an extensive range of industrial forklifts and (electric) pallet trucks.

Application Electric Forklift Truck Me Manitou 034 - volcke rental and selling machines

Flexible use and great maneuverability

Versatile forklift trucks for material handling, both indoors and outdoors and on paved or slightly unstable ground.

The terrain forklifts are the ideal machines for outdoor applications, where stability and maneuverability are essential. With a lifting capacity of 3 to 7 tons, they are designed to work on any surface.


Ease of use

For all products in our range, Manitou pays a lot of attention to the safety and comfort of the user during his frequent movements to and from the operator's position. Regardless of body type , the user can easily reach the driver's seat thanks to:

  • The handle that was mounted on the left front profile support of the driver's protection
  • The steps with anti-slip on both sides
  • The spacious floor space.
Rough Terrain Application Forklift M30 2 Hellfest Manitou 1
Rough Terrain Application Forklift M30 2 Hellfest Manitou 1

Working comfort

The driver's seat offers the driver remarkable driving comfort. This makes his work less tiring and thus contributes to his productivity.

  • Adjustable seat on springs.
  • Safety belt.
  • Adjustable steering column.
  • Braking system for the forks and shock absorbers for unfolding the mast.
  • LED screen
  • Choose from different types of cabins and numerous options.

All terrains




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