Skid steer loaders

Manitou offers you two large series of compact loaders: track loaders and wheel loaders. Designed for construction and/or agriculture (depending on the model), these all-terrain machines offer unmatched performance on the market.

Application Skid Steer Loaders 2700 V Nxt2 Manitou 003 - volcke rental and sale machinery


Manitou's skid-steer loaders are solidly built and have a durable design. They enable ground work to be carried out efficiently and are ideal for working in tight spaces. With a maximum lifting capacity of 612 kg, a lifting height of 2.78 meters and an engine power of 34.2 kW, these loaders are perfect for lifting heavy loads at heights.



The compact R135 is designed to meet the challenges of farm work, but also performs excellently in other work locations. With extra lift capacity, this agile and powerful skid-steer loader offers the flexibility to maneuver through narrow passages and transport easily, so you can work anywhere without causing problems. The latest version of the R135 has intuitive controls and is designed for comfort, reducing operator fatigue during long workdays. Difficult work is made easier with effortless controls, while an air-sprung seat and other optional features provide extra comfort while working. At the end of a hard day, you go home without feeling like you've been run over by a truck.


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